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And Now We Drink

Jul 6, 2023

This episode of And Now We Drink podcast, hosted by the charismatic Matt Slayer, invites you to a candid and entertaining conversation with adult industry star Hazel Grace. In this episode, Matt and Hazel dive into a range of intriguing topics that will keep you engaged from start to finish. The conversation kicks off with Hazel opening up about her recent experiences, including her exhilarating photoshoot for adult time. She also delves into her personal life, discussing her recent breakup with her boyfriend in LA and her quest to find an intelligent and outdoorsy companion in the City of Angels. As the conversation unfolds, Matt and Hazel share their perspectives on various aspects of life, from the intricacies of hair removal to their drinking habits and experiences in New York. Hazel's aspirations to create her own empire in the adult industry, similar to iconic brands like Vixen, Brazzers, and Playboy, captivate the audience's attention. The podcast takes an unexpected turn as consent becomes the focal point of discussion, highlighting the significance of everyone involved being on board with their arrangements. Matt and Hazel emphasize the importance of communication and respect in any relationship. Matt and Hazel tackle the curated personas of social media, exploring the challenges they present and the impact on personal experiences. . The duo sheds light on the effects of toxic masculinity and the importance of expressing emotions openly. The conversation takes a turn towards celebrating Pride Month, with Hazel expressing her regret at missing Pride festivities and her determination to attend multiple events next year. They also bond over their shared love of outdoor activities and Hazel's excitement about attending future events with the assistance of her new assistant. No topic is off-limits as Matt and Hazel delve into their preferences for sports, recalling their personal experiences with violence during their formative years. They share stories of their encounters with fighting and how they have evolved beyond that phase of their lives. They discuss their respective fitness journeys, joking about the “toxic but necessary” relationship with trainers and the struggles people face with their appearance. Matt and Hazel engage in a thought-provoking conversation sexual preferences, and personal experiences.   From hilarious anecdotes to profound discussions,  And Now We Drink podcast featuring Matt Slayer and Hazel Grace is a captivating journey that will leave you entertained, enlightened, and eager for more. Tune in to gain insights into the adult industry, personal growth, and the complexities of the human experience.


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