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And Now We Drink

Jul 13, 2023

Get ready for an intoxicating journey into the world of sex, relationships, and everything in between on this episode of And Now We Drink with guest Taylor Sinila Hosted by the charismatic and unfiltered Matt Slayer. Nothing is off-limits as Matt and Taylor Sinila delve into their own personal experiences, sharing stories that will make you laugh, cringe, and maybe even blush a little. From hilarious mishaps involving toothbrushes and plugged-in vibes to the ins and outs of clout chasing and NDA agreements, this dynamic duo keeps the conversation light-hearted and infused with humor. But this episode of And Now We Drink isn't just about the titillating tales and shocking revelations. Matt and Taylor Sinila also tackle more thought-provoking topics, like the complexities of communication between men and women in relationships. With Taylor's firsthand insights and Matt's humorous frustrations, they explore the challenges of deciphering mixed signals and the importance of trust. The podcast takes unexpected turns into areas such as astrology, women's sex drives, and even the ethical treatment of animals. Whether they're discussing last meal choices or sharing their views on open relationships, Matt and Taylor bring their unique perspectives and unabashed honesty to this episode. So grab a drink, sit back, and prepare for an engaging and unapologetic exploration of the human experience with Matt Slayer and Taylor Sinila. You won't want to miss a single stimulating moment.


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