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And Now We Drink

Jul 27, 2023

Get ready for a captivating episode of the And Now We Drink podcast, hosted by the charismatic Matt Slayer. In this installment, Matt is joined by the fabulous Laura Desiree, a captivating guest who brings her unique perspective to the conversation. Matt and Laura dive into an array of intriguing topics, keeping you entertained and engaged from start to finish. From the get-go, Matt and Laura discuss their drink preferences, sharing anecdotes about their favorite concoctions and the delightful experiences that come with them. Laura, with her penchant for red wine, regales listeners with tales from her time working at a cigar and whiskey bar. The conversation takes unexpected twists and turns, exploring unconventional places to smoke and even delving into the fascinating world of sleep habits. But that's just the beginning. As the episode progresses, Matt and Laura delve into an array of thought-provoking subjects. They candidly explore societal norms around sexuality and age, shedding light on the unfair double standards that persist. Laura fearlessly challenges traditional notions and expresses her frustrations with societal norms and organized religion. The conversation takes a mesmerizing turn as Matt and Laura discuss their fascination with religious art and architecture. They marvel at the depictions of orgasmic ecstasy in religious art and contemplate the connection between these representations and repressed desires. Together, they embrace the beauty and awe they find within European churches, highlighting the contrast between American and European cultures. The episode continues to unfold with captivating discussions about everything from recent news events to the unique appeal of dentistry and the need for greater acceptance of SW. Matt and Laura share their observations about the ego-driven nature of social media and the importance of genuine connections in interviews. They even reveal their love for TV shows like ‘Oz’ and ‘The Wire,’ discussing their impact and the enduring appeal of groundbreaking storytelling.



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