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And Now We Drink

Oct 19, 2017

LA podfest 2017 episode. This one's action packed drinking buddies. 


Matt Slayer sat down with Bert Kreischer (@bertkreischer) they talk porn, and a previously untold drinking story from Bert. 

Check Bert's dates at 

and of course check out the bertcast where ever finer podcasts are found.


Next up Matt Slayer sits down with Barry Katz  (@barrykatz) who has managed the who's who in comedy.  They talk about the rushmore of comedy and a lot whole lot more. 


on Day 3. Matt Slayer sat down with Hal Sparks (@halsparks) who you may know from queer as folk and the soup. Hal talks about his history in comedy and life on the road. 


Joining the show next was Murray Valeriano (@murrayv) Murray is an amazing comic and the host of road stories. Matt and Murray geek on music and porn during this segement


Last but not least Samm Levine (@sammlevine) from Inglorious Basterds, not another teen movie, freaks and geeks and many more joins us to talk about a time he almost got in trouble with the law in Canada. 

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