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And Now We Drink

Jun 16, 2022

Tonight, Lexi Lore joins host Matt Slayer at the table. Lexi shares tales while also leaving Matt lowkey, sick BURNS! Lexi talks about she became the number one Adult Star in the Philippines, by trolling all of its people. Did Matt send Lexi an unsolicited dick pic? Yes, but its not what you think. Lexi and Matt talk about experimenting with psychedelics and how Matt would end up cavity searched by TSA if he used and then flew. Lexi learns more about the male genitalia and admits she wants Matt to film his vasectomy.  Matt and Lexi cover abortion and parental rights. Lexie even had a friend ask her to tell a coworker of a possible set baby. Lexi moves on to talk about the pressures of managing porn and an IRL sex life and much more tonight on ANWD.


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