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And Now We Drink

Jun 30, 2022

Joining the show is adult performer Kezia Slater. In LA for personal reasons, Kezia decided she needed good vibes and a little action. Kezia talks about the perks of her work in her personal life, DP preferences, and the safety of road head. Matt Slayer and Kezia move on to population density, climate change and the gentrification of Hollywood. Kezia talks about her hiking trips in the Andes and Argentina. She also covers how she started in sex work and the changes in the full service sex work industry, censorship in social media, and corporate influence over social media companies. Kezia discuses the struggle of meeting the ever increasing needs of the industry’s audience and how the influx of amateur performers effects pay and performer rights. Matt drops some legal knowledge and the two discuss the legality of adult films and brothels. The duo the talks about the risks of filming outside of California and New Hampshire, filming without permits and more on this weeks episode.


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