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And Now We Drink

Jul 15, 2022

In town this week for the anime expo, Kohai Kyun and Alex Cory founder of Teasit drop by to join Matt Slayer at the table for a round. Starting off like old friends, Kohai talks about her family roots. While here to promote their awesome new adult entertainment platform, Teasit, Alex joins the ranks of tech elites that don’t use their own products. Matt grills Alex about his selflove habits and they talk about the booming adult entertainment industry in Japan. The trio talks about the craziest places they have hooked up. Kohai talks about her issues on Tik-Tok and her successes other places. She also talks about her efforts to promote other creators  The group talked about the origin of onlyfans, it’s Mastercard scandal and how Kohai and Alex are building Tease It to be better. Kohai talks about toxic relationships that lead her to the current great one.  Kohai shares a story where she hit a mail carrier with a car then tells all. The sexual ramifications of being penetrated by a bidet is considered, Kohai shares her plug preferences, and Alex is educated on toys.  and more this week on And Now We Drink


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