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And Now We Drink

Jul 21, 2022

Drinking at the table tonight,  BTS Jack. BTS is a grip and PA for well known adult production companies such as Perv City, Dp Diva and More. Matt Slayer and Jack talk about their interest or lack of in becoming on-camera talent. Jack opens some insight in what it is like to work onset at some of the best adult productions, Matt and Jack dig into the psyche of a successful industry performers. How they both got into the business. Jack discusses how he lost his chance of playing baseball in high school due to unusual circumstances. Matt and Jack cover relationships and toxicity in those relationships. Matt digs in to what Jack’s plans are for the future in the industry. Jack talks about wanting to start a podcast. Jack and Matt discuss the controversy surrounding Hugh Hefner. Matt may have also performed a DM slide on Jack's behalf during recording. This and much more on this weeks And Now We Drink. 


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