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And Now We Drink

Aug 4, 2022

Joining the table tonight, Blake Blossom! Blake is an open book in this tell all interview. Blake covers topics like  her thoughts on dating celebrities including an insight to how many have slid into her DMs. From there Blake  tells Matt Slayer about some wild camming experiences. Blake also talks about a few of her dream scenes she wants to shoot, one including a “fat Santa”. Scandalous stories as Blake  tells about dudes lying about sleeping with her! She discusses her struggles with body dysmorphia is very open about the procedures she's had.  Blake candidly talks about her positions on Sugar Daddies, feature dancing and escorting. Blake and Matt also give a short anatomy lesson and talk about IRL relationships, Blake discusses STD’s and industry considerations, Most importantly Blake will go through your phone! All this and more on And Now We Drink!



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