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And Now We Drink

Sep 1, 2022

Tonight we rolls out the red carpet to welcome performer / feature dancer Brenna McKenna to the table! Brenna talks about interactions with female clientele in the club and an incident with lax security. Brenna tells the story of her first feature dance gig. Is Brenna a shark? Would Matt defend the honor of his daughter? The world will never know. Brenna feels safest with anal. Brenna discusses what she looks for/asks of new coworkers. Brenna expounds on her preference for older dudes when it comes to emotional connections. Thrash Metal nerd Matt drops some culture on Brenna.   Matt and Brenna weigh the risk vs reward of working in the adult entertainment industry and performer safety/education. Matt discusses being a bear? Brenna learns all kinds of new things. Matt and Brenna discuss relationships with a performer. All this and more, this week on And Now We Drink.

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