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And Now We Drink

Sep 8, 2022

Drinking Eagle Rare for the first time is Keely Rose. Matt Slayer and Keely start off discussing bourbon and Keely’s grip strength. The duo then deep dives Euphoria and the MCU. Keely shares her own origin story. Keely is rightfully hard, on unsolicited dick shenanigans. Consent is hot, but the answer may still be no. Keely and Matt tune in to how pop culture is bringing back “old” music like Fleetwood Mac and Metallica. Keely contractually obligates her fiancé to create music, on air!  Keely’s hair gets colorful. Matt and Keely talk about the NOLA adventures. LA burger joints are examined. Keely talks about how chain restaurants within a brand all taste the same. Everyone has their price - Keely, 2022. All this and more on And Now We Drink



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