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And Now We Drink

Sep 15, 2022

Pregamed and ready to go this week is Jasmine Teaa. Jasmine joins the table after meeting Matt Slayer at XRCO and deciding it was a good idea to go round 2. Jasmine talks about her pre-eat out routine and she rates her hookups from S Tier to No Tier. Jasmine gets banned on TikTok 4 times. She talks COVID, dieting, and how she coped. Matt and Jasmine discuss censorship in social media and it’s unfair application across the spectrum. Jasmine deep dives her TikTok bans. Jasmine talks about her roots in No Face content. Did Jasmine try to end her career? Is Jasmine ready to give up a kidney? Jasmine discusses trying to please her family and how she got passed it. Anime brings out the best in Jasmine while she gets laid by someone else on the promise her partner will get some later. Jasmine shares she enjoys posting her holes online and she discusses how she discovered she was bisexual and experiencing her sexual awakening. All this and more on And Now We Drink.


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