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And Now We Drink

Sep 22, 2022

Sipping down a bottle of Stella Rose - Berry, adult performer Minxx Marley joins Matt Slayer at the table this week. All bets are off this week because Minxx is all in. She starts off sharing about lasers in the desert and stripping to jump in a water fountain. Then she talks about how she handles friends that think they want to join the business. Minxx got married, not for love or money but, for Brittany Spears. Matt and Minxx deep dive generational differences. Minxx talks about her Mormon upbringing and how it shaped her current values. Minxx feels safest at Disney Land. Minxx is catcalled at the train station, which is two steps above being catcalled at a gas sation. Matt had a hacker attempt to spoof him that didn’t realize the relationship between Matt and the victim. Minxx describes the things she will do to get her bills paid. Minxx talks about life on Arizona/ Mexican. Matt talks about his time in Cuba, land of the disconnected and ripped off. All this and more, this week on And Now We Drink.


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