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And Now We Drink

Sep 29, 2022

Jordan Harper, The man who can’t have everything joins Matt Slayer at the table tonight. Jordan is an award winning author and writer of hit TV shows in The Mentalist (2008), Gotham (2014) and Hightown (2020). Jordan is currently working on a LA based crime drama set in today’s world. He examines some of the books origins and what real life experiences have helped him form the ideas behind this labor of love. Be on the look out for Everybody Knows hitting shelves and digital stores near you January 2023. Matt and Jordan tackle modern-day politics and shed some light on the undue expectations of the left or right. Jordan asks Matt the hard questions like where does porn get its money? Matt and Jordan discuss their encounters with un-alived humans and smart-mouthed passer-bys. Jordan discusses his process for refueling his brain with experiences to restart the creative process after the COVID hiatus. Showing their true love of freedom, Matt and Jordan discuss freedom launchers that deter would be thieves and ill-doers. Jordan losses a job opportunity because he gasps at an erect male appendage and he tells all when talking about how he became an accidental cannibal. Jordan also talks about the freedoms of being an author and the ability to release the content you want. He even discusses what he might do if he started a podcast. Jordan and Matt swap vasectomy stories. Jordan talks kink shaming and civil law in the UK vs USA. Matt and Jordan deep dive being offended on the internet and the Disney Company’s altruism. Jordan views Twitter as a party and he analyzes the impacts of that. Jordan reviews what it was life for him and people he knows during the pandemic. Matt educates Jordan on the struggles of having relationships while working in the adult entertainment industry. Jordan brings up Japan so Matt obliged him and the duo fantasized about the day they open their borders once again. All this and more this week on And Now We Drink


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