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And Now We Drink

Sep 28, 2017

Musician Dayne Alexander  joins us this week and this one gets drunk. Then the episodes hits all the "off limit" subjects.  Maybe Dayne talks about his music a little bit too. 


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Sep 21, 2017

Chris Cope  (@chriscopecomedy) is a hilarious comedian and joins the crew to talk comedy, drugs and his life since he relocated from Florida to LA. This episode gets a little wacky halfway through as Chris gave Matt an edible without him realizing it. 


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Sep 14, 2017

Comedian/ Adult performer Silvia Saige joins us this week to talk comedy, porn and the hustle that is being in entertainment in Los Angeles.  





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"And Now...

Sep 7, 2017

 If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like inside the world of legendary Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, your chance has arrived. Cazares, known for his work with metal acts such as Fear Factory, Divine Heresy, Asesino, and Brujeria is at his best: uncensored.

Dino shares some of his craziest nights...