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And Now We Drink

Dec 30, 2022

It's another year in the can drinking buddies, enjoy some fan favorite highlights featuring


Casca Akashova

Blake Blossom

Sophia Burns

Anna de Ville

Cassie Del Isla

Dorian Del Isla

Nicole Doshi

Leana Lovings

Keely Rose

Haley Spades

Peter Warren

Jane Wilde


Everyone Have a safe New Years and See you in 2023



Dec 22, 2022

Drinking on the podcast this week is adult performer Lumi Ray.  Lumi shares how she keeps her scenes authentic and her feelings on needing to fake the way through a scene. Lumi reveals what she looks for in a partner and what requirements she has. Matt Slayer and Lumi discuss the current state of Twitters...

Dec 15, 2022

Drinking on the podcast are adult performers Dakota Tyler and Theodora Day. The dynamic duo starts off talking about plans to travel the world. But, where do they start first? Matt Slayer introduces them to his experiences with Japan. discusses online client requests to become mini and crawl inside of her....

Dec 1, 2022

Adira Allure joins Matt Slayer at the table this week, sharing her above average IQ in this week’s diverse episode. Adira opens by leaking her food kink. Matt and Adira discuss recreational pharmaceuticals. Adira experiments with a video camera and a CPR doll. She also discusses improving her long form and YouTube...

Nov 24, 2022

A true midwesterner, Jordan Maxx, joins the table this week. Matt Slayer and Jordan explore Midwest culture and delicacies. Jordan talks about her time as a Tour and Merchandise manager. The duo explores the evolution of consent in the industry. Jordan describes her experiences as a message therapist and how that...