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And Now We Drink

Mar 24, 2022

And Now We Drink welcomes Casca Akashova back to the table. After discussing bar ethics, Casca tries to understand the stories of Matt’s “o-face” and sounds. Casca describes her desire to be with an MMA fighter due to their disciple in the ring and how that may transfer to the bedroom. In a moment of innovative...

Mar 17, 2022

Drinking at the table this week on And Now We Drink is  comedian Roger Smith! Matt and Roger open with politics, race and tasteful presidential impersonations. Apparently we should all vote Matt for President in 2024. Space Force is cool, gas prices suck but not for the reasons people believe. Roger shares a story...

Mar 10, 2022

#drinking on the podcast this week is the lead singer of Sweet Vicious Nicole Ashley "Nix" Williams. Nicole and Matt Slayer talk about everything from video games, to dating in LA, the dietary habits of chickens.

Come See Sweet Vicious live at lost property on March 13th at 10pm

1704 N Vine



The Patreon...

Mar 4, 2022

Tonight on And Now We Drink drummer Raanen Bozzio! Raanen and Matt cover a few decades of pop culture in a segment dubbed And Now We IMDB. This conversation discusses video games, both good and good movies from the 80’s/90’s/today, as well as Raanen’s attempts at climbing the trials ladder in King of Fighters XV....