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And Now We Drink

Apr 14, 2022

Annie Cruz joins the table this week! Fresh out of midterms, Annie Cruz compares her XM career to preparing and delivering for her accelerated Public Speaking curriculum. One of Annie’s post-pandemic public excursions included a show and a trip to a dive bar that looked more like a night club causing Cruz to realize 2 drinks is her new limit. Cruz almost fell off the vegetarian wagon. Matt and Annie discuss being a vegetarian and being in a relationship as well as the varying degrees of vegetarian and the differences from veganism. The conversation turns to a light hearted discussion on serial murders including highlights about Ted Bundy. Lead exposure was not the cause of this wild conversation… we think… Changing course, the conversation moves to sexual stigmas and society. Parents need to be ready to talk with their kids about sex. Dating, dating apps, and dating in LA is discussed. Annie talks about the time she dated a fan boy of hers and the problems that can arise from that. Annie notes that she is loyal to the type of relationship she is in and loves the fact her current boyfriend supports her and has a spine against the haters.

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