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And Now We Drink

Oct 13, 2022

Fate has brought Samantha Lexi and her best friend Matt Slayer to the table this week. Matt educates Samantha in Gamer gear marketing. Samantha discusses how she sizes a guy for a date then she and Matt talk average member sizes. Samantha wants suitors to date her like she dates herself. Talking about music is all a rave with Samantha, she recounts her trips to EDM festivals and shows. Matt drills down into Samantha’s psyche and determines her ideal boyfriend. Samantha and Matt discuss the line in the sand for some when it comes to going down when Aunt Flow shows up. Samantha reveals her industry idol. She explains why she started dancing. Slayer and Samantha discuss the ethics of transmitting an STD unintentionally and multiple partner relationships. TLDR, communication is key and trust is sexy. All this and more, this week on And Now We Drink


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