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And Now We Drink

Oct 20, 2022

Matt Slayer and Ginger Grey talk resiliency and the importance of taking time to recharge. Ginger is fresh from a trip, allegedly willingly, on a yacht with a photographer and is being taken to American Politics 101 by host Matt Slayer. Ginger then drops some family industry biz ties and Matt tries to set up a hookup. Ginger reflects on some of the weird requests she has received. Matt and Ginger investigate different ways some people enter the business. Ginger talks about how she navigates a relationship with a civilian. Ginger travels a lot for work and talks about her run ins with passengers and TSA. She also gives a glimpse what growing up was like for her. Ginger discusses what you’re allowed and not allowed to say/do on OF. Matt and Ginger dig a little into fetishes. Is Ginger hot for the Wii and bees? Ginger has a self-realization and thinks through her neuro-divergencies. Matt shares takes from Exxxoticas past and turned down an opportunity to become male talent. Ginger talks about what she loves about the industry. Ginger takes down a group of thugs with guns! All this and more on And Now We Drink



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