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And Now We Drink

Nov 24, 2022

A true midwesterner, Jordan Maxx, joins the table this week. Matt Slayer and Jordan explore Midwest culture and delicacies. Jordan talks about her time as a Tour and Merchandise manager. The duo explores the evolution of consent in the industry. Jordan describes her experiences as a message therapist and how that led her to Sex work. Jordan shares how she reviews her work and what she does to improve areas she thinks could have gone differently. She also discusses the importance of taking care of herself. Jordan takes on toxic Twitters. Matt and Jordan talk dating, toxic humans, growing up, and red flags. Jordan used to believe she could change people, now she knows better. Jordan also looks at her daddy issues. Jordan and Matt discuss the best places to live and Jordan shares her 5 year plan and stories from Catholic School. Jordan wants to travel more. The duo remembers stories and food from Chicago. Jordan proclaims her love for craft beers. Jordan and Matt discuss properly drinking spirits. Jordan’s working on clearing her closets and prepping for a fan sale. All this and more this week on And Now We Drink


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