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And Now We Drink

Dec 1, 2022

Adira Allure joins Matt Slayer at the table this week, sharing her above average IQ in this week’s diverse episode. Adira opens by leaking her food kink. Matt and Adira discuss recreational pharmaceuticals. Adira experiments with a video camera and a CPR doll. She also discusses improving her long form and YouTube Shorts presence. Adira boxes her way to 30K views. Matt and Adira dive into social and mental health aspects surrounding homeless populations. Matt describe committing a crime on the internet. Adira learns the truth about sea sponges. Adira looks into the possibility of employing the scientific method to pee content. Adira explains how to address creators that don’t perform as expected but want to shoot more content. Adira spills the secret to getting in shape. Matt and Adira swap content editing stories and horrors then discuss the social implications of social media. Postmates ghosted Adira. All this and more this week on And Now We Drink


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