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And Now We Drink

Dec 22, 2022

Drinking on the podcast this week is adult performer Lumi Ray.  Lumi shares how she keeps her scenes authentic and her feelings on needing to fake the way through a scene. Lumi reveals what she looks for in a partner and what requirements she has. Matt Slayer and Lumi discuss the current state of Twitters verified status.  Lumi discusses how she keeps herself busy and entertained with multiple projects. She also shares the lessons she has learned over her life to stay stimulated by what she is doing to keep on track and accomplish her goals. Matt and Lumi discuss haters on the internet and dealing with them. Lumi talks about infidelity and unknowingly being the other woman . Matt Slayer  educates us on the connection between genetics and infidelity. Lumi explores her feelings on the validity of marriage. Matt and Lumi discuss their world travels. Lumi is excited to explore more of Europe. The duo discusses how their grandparents got down.  Matt and Lumi discuss the perfect anti-RomCom. Lumi discusses her industry's relationship with fame while Matt compares video views with volumes of ejaculate. Lumi and Matt briefly segue to movies before returning to discuss Lumi's threesome preferences and what she does in off-time relationships. Matt and Lumi finally get down to the important issues and compare favorite movies then nerd out about each other's list. Lumi lets Matt DM slide her mom.  All this and more this week on And Now We Drink


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