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And Now We Drink

Dec 23, 2021

#Drinking straight from the wells of Liquid Death®️, Lily Lane joins the show tonight, bringing her badass attitude to a fun conversation covering the depth and breadth of topics only Lily Lane can provide. Lily and Matt are old friends who bring considerable energy to the show. After reflecting on Lily’s first appearance on ANWD, the duo tracks down Lily’s first boob work and discovers Lily is a foodie at heart, revealing her favorite foods in a “heard-it-here-first” exclusive. She even has a challenge to one of Matt’s preferred establishments. Matt and Lily also talk about traveling strategies for maximizing layovers in select destinations. Lily talks about her love/hate relationship with flying, flying with her child, and where she would like to visit most. You won’t want to miss which cities Lily intends to visit the big-eared rodent’s resorts. Speaking about travel, Lily and Matt dive into some of her international contracts to discuss the considerations someone interested in performing should consider. Sneak peek, it’s not all about the money when multiples of talent are involved. Lily also mentions how veterans in their field should be working to help the new recruits ensure they are safe and informed with the contracts they take. Matt and Lily cover other adult industry topics like type casting, stagnating scenarios across the industry, and dealing with inexperienced or uncooperative talent.


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