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And Now We Drink

Jan 6, 2022

Matt Slayer pours Buffalo Trace with a heavy hand for guests Dorian and Cassie Del Isla this week. Shortly after, Dorian opens up about being a soldier, and he reflects on how one goes from military man to strip club owner. The couple talks about life in France, Spain, and, the US including guns, and how Americans are wrong about French women. One of Dorian's position preferences is revealed, as is Cassie’s confusion by his propensity towards it. Matt asks Dorian if he ever considered taking his wrestling career pro with MMA. Cassie tells all about her run-in with customs and getting recognized. The conversation moves towards taxes and how they rate in the world of crimes. Before our friends depart, they share the best places to swing around the world, discuss French worded items and actions that are not French, great places to eat in LA, Cassie’s very thoughtful birthday gift for Dorian, and Matt tries to learn French!


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