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And Now We Drink

Aug 11, 2022

Drinking on the podcast Comedian Alyssa Poteet! On this weeks episode Alyssa and Matt Slayer reminisce about living in Chicago. Alyssa went to a bougie prom and was hated!? Matt and Alyssa contemplate and discuss the differences between murder, suicide, and manslaughter. Alyssa does a deep dive in to politics and Nihilism. Then, naturally, the discussion moves to Matt’s balls, his special underwear, and his recent vasectomy. The duo talks about if and how they are a family disappointment. A quick human anatomy lesson covering the makeup of semen occurs. Alyssa shares some of the struggles of being a female comedian. On the topic of inclusion, Alyssa shares how she tried integrating 9/11 into her comedy set. Finally, the things a girl will do for pizza are explored, rough sex mishaps, and more on And Now We Drink.


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