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And Now We Drink

Apr 21, 2022

Self proclaimed “Tequila Girl” Haley Spades joins the table this week. Haley and Matt talk about the ins and outs of  the stripping work, some of the busiest places she has worked and how great numbers have been despite the pandemic. Haley also shares some fan encounters and how respectful her fans are. NOLA will always be a special place for Haley. She shares stories of drinking adventures in the city, and about a night filled with stripper poles, alcohol, emergency dental surgery, and cock blocked her friend. Living in LA now, Haley describes her first experience with an earthquake and how finding good Cajun food is hard. On the topic of food, Haley and Matt talk about her current diet and more importantly her cheat meals, or days. One cheat meal lead Haley and friend on an adventure around NYC looking for Spider-Man’s pizzeria. Rounding off the conversation Haley talks about her time dancing in California, thoughts on kids and the future, how she met Stormy Daniel’s but didn’t get her digits, and she reminds handsy patrons, dancers wear heels. Matt and Haley also talk about her future international travel plans and places she would like to visit someday. Content warning: Matt brings up Japan, again.


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