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And Now We Drink

Oct 6, 2022

Uber daredevil Arietta Adams joins the table this week with host Matt Slayer. In LA for photo shoots and work, Arietta and Matt talk about life, the biz and Arietta’s deepest desires. Arietta basks in the love her fans give and releases her vengeance on those that wrong her. Arietta discovers the benefits of a P.O. Box. Arietta is getting her music heard. She built a new studio and is learning her way through the software. She also wants to take her Streamer career to a new level. Arietta discusses the struggles of dating both in an out of the industry. Arietta also discusses her position on kids and provides an introspective to the future of the world. Arietta tells Matt why she got into the adult biz. LA is the City of Dreams for everyone but Arietta, she covers why she doesn’t want to live here. For Smokey the Bear though, that’s probably for the best. Arietta declares her favorite nuggies. A Euro trip is in the works for Arietta. Arietta thinks pork is what people taste like. All this and more this week on And Now We Drink




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