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And Now We Drink

Oct 27, 2022

Coming in hot this week, adult star Nicole Doshi joins the table. Matt and Nicole start off discussing the activities of his roommate and his partner.  Nicole talks about what she does for fun off the clock. Matt and Nicole discuss the cinema scene in China and CCP policy effects on family life. Does Nicole have family plans? Nicole is fresh in town moving in from the Big Apple. Favorite things to do in NYC? Playing with balls and hiking. Matt and Nicole discuss food qualities in the US and abroad. Nicole loves scorpion but draws the line at rat. Matt shares tactics to find the best restaurants. Nicole got all dressed up to ride Spider-Man just to find she was in the wrong park. So she swapped webs for wands and went to Potter world. Nicole talks about the challenges of finding male talent. Nicole, in a tell all, shares her position on male phalic organs. TLDR, she is a fan!  Nicole gets wasted in Hawaii. Matt discusses growing up Jewish. Matt invites Nicole to Tokyo. Nicole is a world traveler and quizzes Matt on American history. Nicole wants more Americans to visit China to see how horny Chinese girls are. All this and more on And Now We Drink.


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