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And Now We Drink

Dec 15, 2022

Drinking on the podcast are adult performers Dakota Tyler and Theodora Day. The dynamic duo starts off talking about plans to travel the world. But, where do they start first? Matt Slayer introduces them to his experiences with Japan. discusses online client requests to become mini and crawl inside of her. Theodora tests Matt’s fetish fortitude by showing off her cute feet. Dakota wears the keys in this house! The girls talk about living together with a house guests. The duo discusses their epic origin story and tattoos to proclaim their friendship and the possible locations are discussed. Dakota and Theodora talk about relationships and discuss their potential plans together. Dakota talks about DM sliding celebrities. The trio discuss dating, compatibility, love and passion. discusses safety on scenes. Matt drops years of movie nerd logic on the young duo. Dakota and Theodora seek recommendations to break in their new TV. Then the trio investigates time travel in movies and that leads to an introspective life and its relationship to reality. Theodora and Dakota talk about experiences being approached by and appearing on other industry podcasts. Theodora and Dakota talk about their experience in the public eye and the steps they take to deal with it. Matt shares some knowledge on dealing with keyboard critics. The girls talk about wanting to bang their handyman in their house for content. This man is a TikTok star.  The duo rolls back to set safety discussing testing requirements, how to keep yourself safe, and ways to prevent transmission. They also discussed the importance of prepping for the more difficult scenes that really stretch you as a performer. The duo shares their bed time routines. All this and more this week on And Now We Drink



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